The Journal: Critical Mind vs. Creative Mind

In today’s Journal * Nobody noticed * Deposit Photo * Started The Journey Home: Part 2 * Topic: On Specificity and the Critical Mind vs. the Creative Mind * Of Interest * The Numbers I forgot to add the cover for The Ark to yesterday’s post. Oops. On the other hand, apparently nobody noticed so no big deal. Anyway, you can see the cover and read a description at I think it’s a great cover, one of my better ones. (Later I’ll be revising the description sales copy, but for now it will do.) Deposit Photo is currently running … Read more

The Daily Journal, Thursday, July 11

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Update * A major new resource * Topic: A Toast to New Beginnings * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers Quote of the Day “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Daniel J. Boorstin *** Yesterday, I moved the large monitor for my business computer back up to the house since that’s where we’ll be doing most of our learning. (See the topic below) My new partner and I also started some preliminaries: setting up a new web-based email address for the … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, February 10

Hey Folks, Wow. You know I recommend using Draft2Digital as one of your ebook distributors. Part of the reason is the smooth user interface on their website. Another (big) reason is that they are teamed with Books2Read to provide a Universal Link for your book. Ostensibly, this means you can post that Universal Link on your website, Facebook or wherever. When would-be readers click the link, it shows them all the stores where your book is available. They they can click on the link for their favorite store to buy your book. All well and good, mostly. Purely by accident, … Read more