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* Topic: On Process

Thanks for dropping by and/or hanging in there. I’m currently camping some 500 feet above the Gila River in southwest New Mexico.

Here’s another brief topic as a thank you for hanging around.

Topic: On Process

A few days ago, James Scott Bell wrote an article titled “Should You Write Dreck?” over on the KillZone blog.

Since he asked, here’s my response (slightly amended):

Thanks for this, Jim.

I believe writing (practice, moving forward) trumps hovering (not saying you hover, but I know a few mostly new writers who do).

1. I write the best story I can at my current skill level (subconscious, creative mind). I allow the characters to tell the story since they’re the ones who are living it. Then I publish it. Let the readers decide.

2. Then I learn (conscious mind) by reading nonfiction books, other authors’ fiction, and occasionally taking a course if it beckons me.

3. Then I apply what I absorbed (what works for me) to the next story (again, subconscious, creative mind) and publish it.

I never look back, and I never rewrite (hover).
I have written some beginnings and endings and cliffhangers and hooks that I like better than others, but I try to bear in mind I’m only one reader.

What I love, another reader will merely like, and another reader might actively dislike. Likewise, what I believe is dreck, another reader will love (or like, etc.).

Perfection does exist. But my perfection is different than yours. I don’t strive for perfection because perfection lies in the perception of the reader.

‘Til next time, happy writing.


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