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Social media quote of the day: “I don’t see a need to strong-arm people I’ve never met into giving me happy thoughts and supportive words.” ~ Anonymous

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Topic: Once More Into the Breach

A couple of my writer friends and I were chatting off and on via email. One is going to try what I’m trying with the tradpubs. The other was (stringently) warning me away.

I encouraged the one, tried to calm the other. I did both with an email that helped (I hope) in both cases. I thought I’d share those thoughts with you.

One writer mentioned in a comment a couple days ago that I’m “exploring options from a position of strength.” She’s right.

Here’s the nutshell.

It’s a simple fact (one that few writers consider) that a publisher needs your IP (intellectual property) more than you need a publisher.

Consider, even if the publisher never publishes your book, the IP is still in their portfolio and on their books as an asset, so the company’s value goes up. That’s why they’re doing the “all-rights” thing right now.

It isn’t the “actual” value of the IP that matters. The possible value is what the IP represents: it’s the possible film, audio, paper, ebooks, merchandise, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

And You Own That — you have what they want — from the moment your work is completed in fixed form for the rest of your life plus 70 years.

If you go into any contract negotiation with that in mind, you’ll be negotiating from a position of strength.

You only have to know what you want, and be willing to say No until you get it.

Would I sell “all rights” to one of my books for the life of the copyright?

I’ve seen writers do that for as little as a $1500 advance. Just so you know, I wouldn’t do it for $15,000. Or for that matter, $50,000 or $60,000.

But I would, in a heartbeat, for a life-changing, mid-six-figure paycheck (after taxes). For one book.

For that matter, if the contract read that I could never publish another book, but they gave me a HIGH-six-figure paycheck (after taxes), I’d be camping and fishing too much to write anyway. (grin)

So all I’m really saying here is this:

Understand the possible value of your IP — how much money it COULD make for you and your descendents over your life plus 70 years — and then deal from that position.

The rest is up to you.

Rolled out at 2:30 and, as has become my habit, spent a couple hours hanging with my friends (you guys), checking the internet and writing the stuff above. I even visited FB for a few minutes.

Took a break at 5. To the novel at 5:30.

Cycled through yesterday’s writing (added a couple hundred words) then wrote around a thousand new words. Another longer break around 7:40.

Also took care of a pop-up chore, getting out the ladder and the shears and cutting a few blobs of something like mistletoe out of a tree in the front yard. Finally back to the novel at 9:30.

By 10:45 I’d added another thousand words or so and went up to the house to see my little girl cat. It’s good to be missed. (grin)

Had a nice visit with the girl, then back to the Hovel at 11:30. I found a site, Rope and Wire, that seeks short stories in the western genre.

They aren’t a publisher per se, but if you write western novels, Rope and Wire will help you publicize them. Check them out at I sent them a short story titled “Coralín,” one excerpted from my 10-volume Wes Crowley saga.

After that brief diversion, back to the novel at 12:30. (grin) I wrote a little over the next hour, then was diverted yet again.

The Coyote Situation

The neighbors’ horses were making a ruckus in the corral near the Hovel. (You ever hear a horse growl?)

I stepped out to see what was going on and a coyote was running through the corral. So I followed him for a ways down the little road that connects us to the highway, then checked on my babies (everyone’s okay), then came back out here.

Back to the novel at 1:50. Good thing I’m in an action scene. (grin)

And my chihuahua started going nuts at 2. The coyote was back, this time under my 4Runner. Seriously?

I ran him off again, then went into the house and strapped on my Beretta 9mm pistol. (sigh) I really don’t like killing stuff, but I’m a very good shot, and if it comes around the house all bets are off.

A few minutes later, I realized my moron chihuahua was a little bloody. I finally caught him, inspected him, and FINALLY (when I was able to get his mouth open) realized he was barking so hard he bit his tongue.

Did I mention he’s a moron? (grin) Anyway, all’s well.

Back to the novel (I hope) for a little more writing at 2:30.

Nope. I decided to put together the topic above, then call it a day and post this thing. Then I and my pistola are gonna head for the house. I can’t imagine a better starting point for tomorrow than the action scene I’m in the middle of today.

Talk with you again then.

Of Interest

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