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Big Book Giveaway

Note: Hey folks, if you’re subscribed to my Substack reader blog as well, you’ll see this post again later today in a slightly different format.Basically the same post, though, same offer.

I realize about the dumbest thing an author can do is try to get other writers to read his fiction. (grin) That even holds true when the writers in question consider the author an instructor and something of an authority. Go figure. But that’s fine. Despite all that, now and then I like to give away a book or two.

As many of you probably know, I have several series. Today, I’m offering, free of charge, the first book of every series I’ve written. And I’m calling a series more than two books.

What’s more, there are no limits. You can get any of them or all of them. Just let me know which format you prefer. They’re available in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf.

Read on. Then, once you make your selections, email me at and let me know which title(s) you want and which format you prefer. That’s all there is to it.

Historical Western (meaning set in the late 1800s)

My largest and longest running series is my historical western suspense magic-realism action-adventure romance (grin) 16-volume Wes Crowley Saga and gap series.

That series follows Wes Crowley through 40 or 50 years of his life, from his inauspicious beginnings in the small Texas panhandle town of Watson through his adventures as a Texas Ranger to his eventual fading away after retiring as a Guerrero Ranger in the small fishing village of Agua Perlado, Guerrero, Mexico. (It’s fictional, but I can tell you exactly where it’s located on the Pacific coast. The weather is wonderful there this time of year.)

The first volume is Rise of a Warrior, but that was actually the first of three prequels. For this giveaway, I’m offering the first novel I actually wrote in the series: Leaving Amarillo. (Coincidentally, Leaving Amarillo was also the first novel I ever wrote period.)

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding wild on a good horse in a just cause or hanging out with a man who does, this is the series for you.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

My next largest series is the 10-volume Future of Humanity (FOH) series, AKA The Ark series. A generation ship, The Ark, has left lunar orbit for a habitable planet in the goldilocks zone of a faraway star. The very future of humanity depends on it.

The journey should take hundreds of years, and everyone expects their distant descendents to populate the new world. Of course, the crew and passengers are human, and they have all the human traits, good and bad. During the journey, things happen. What more can I say? You can read the book descriptions at

But thanks to a friendly but quirky alien and a fluke, the ship leaps forward in time so that the original crew and passengers are able to begin theh colonization themselves. The first book in the series, free to you, is The Ark.

Crime and Psychological Suspense

Next is the 7-volume Blackwell Ops series. It’s maybe what it sounds like: a world-wide network of operatives, owned and managed by one Thomas Jefferson Blackwell, a nondescript little man who runs a multi-billion dollar corporation and hires out, um, fixers.

Of course, to maintain the operatives’ anonymity, all of these books are “as told to the author,” and the same disclaimer runs through every description: “Only the more sensitive parts of [each operative]’s story are fictionalized. Everything else is true.” Buckle up for a wild ride with Blackwell Ops: Jack Tilden.

In prepping this post, I realized too that I owe my readers a Blackwell Ops 8 to finish the story of Philip Dunstan. Hmm. So that’s three novels I have in the hopper now. (grin)


And then there’s the 4-volume Nick Spalding series. This series follows the exploits of a mercenary. It is sheer action-adventure, probably set in the early 1900s.

I actually started writing the first book of the series, Nighfall, after reading the opening paragraph of Ernest Hemingway’s short story “After the Storm.” (You can read the short story free if you go to and then search for After the Storm.)

I just re-read Nightfall myself, which is actually what prompted me to conduct this giveaway in the first place. So read about Nightfall and if you want it, email me. ‎


I have kind of a mystery series featuring the private detective Stern Talbot, but the books aren’t really in a series.

So I’ll tell you what. If mystery is your interest, visit and browse. Each cover leads to a page and a description for that book. Pick one that you like, whether or not it features Stern Talbot, and let me know.

Frankly, I like the Talbot stories, but I kind’a have to recommend Body Language and The Clearing, but you’re the reader. Pick what you think you’ll enjoy.

Again, you only have to email me at, let me know which title or titles you would like, and tell me which ebook format you prefer. Then sit back and enjoy a great story!

Talk with you again soon.

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