The Journal, Friday, December 8,

Hey Folks,

Just some important info for you today, mostly in the first listing below.

Via The Passive Voice, see Passive Guy’s comments toward the end of “The Contributions of Publishing’s Conference Contrarians” at Very informative and heartening.

Also of possible interest, see “Astronauts Get Writer’s Block, Too” at Imagine what Astronaut Scott Kelly could write if only he had learned to trust his subconscious and write off into the dark. Sigh. (Frankly, I’m kind’a ticked off that Margaret Lazarus Dean felt a need to stick that comma in before “too” in the title of the article. Ten to one she can’t tell you why it’s there except that some style manual, probably AP, said it should be. Ugh.)

Around the Stanbrough camp I’m continuing to use this time to work through some life issues, copyedit a difficult manuscript, and visit with family and friends. Fiction seems to tug at my sleeve a little more strongly each day.

I hope you’ll continue to check Dean’s site daily as well as some of the others in the Quick Links in the sidebar of my website. I’ve also updated the Writer Resources page, so you might browse that too.

Just in case I’m not back again before December 25, I hope you will all have an enjoyable holiday season, a very merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year.

Be back when I can.