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Quotes of the Day

“I think the difference between a lie and a story is that a story utilizes the trappings and appearance of truth for the interest of the listener as well as of the teller. A story has in it neither gain nor loss. But a lie is a device for profit or escape. I suppose if that definition is strictly held to, then a writer of stories is a liar — if he is financially fortunate.” John Steinbeck in East of Eden

“It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them.” John Steinbeck in East of Eden

“Best writing advice? Write to a quota and study the craft. One-two, one-two.” James Scott Bell

“Failure cannot be inflicted. It must be declared.” John Gilstrap

Today’s Journal is going out so you can see and consider or contemplate the Quotes of the Day above or the items linked to in “Of Interest” below. Enjoy.

Talk with you again soon.

Of Interest

See “Thinking of Dictating?” at This one is time-sensitive. Only around 40 hours left in the Kickstarter when I posted this.

See “Behavioral Analysis Unit” at

See “The Big Thrill’s Behavioral Analysis Unit: John Gilstrap” at

Disclaimer: In this blog, I provide advice on writing fiction. I advocate a technique called Writing Into the Dark. To be crystal clear, WITD is not “the only way” to write, nor will I ever say it is. However, as I am the only writer who advocates WITD both publicly and regularly, I will continue to do so, among myriad other topics.

2 thoughts on “The Journal: Quotes and Items of Interest”

  1. “Failure cannot be inflicted.” Hmmm. Hadn’t thought of that.

    People can think you’re not all there if you persist with something they don’t understand why you like, but only you can let them come in and mess it up. You never know – you might go viral. Or alternately, succeed overnight very slowly. But at least you’ve made the effort, and there’s something that can win in existence.

    Must be sad for those who don’t have that in their lives, assuming they want it – because the fierce desire to produce is all that sustains some days.

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