OMG: K.M. Robinson

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * K.M. Robinson * Of Interest Quotes of the Day “[W]riting … is the smallest part of being successful in this industry, whether you’re traditional or indie published. The vast majority of it is marketing, engaging on social media, handling edits, reading contracts, communicating with design professionals, and interacting with fans.” K.M. Robinson “I’ve been both traditionally and indie published, but my career and financial security in this industry is heavily due to my indie work.” K.M. Robinson “If reviewers do it accurately, the post will only help other readers decide yes … Read more

The Journal: Direct Interaction with Readers

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: Direct Interaction with Readers * Of Interest Quote of the Day “If you’re in a spiritual group and ask what essential oils will help you get rid of a person, don’t block me when I answer ‘formaldehyde’. Sheesh.” Anonymous, forwarded from Facebook Topic: Direct Interaction with Readers A few days ago in a post on promoting your work, I recommended In that post, one author suggested you should “Pick one [social media] platform to specialize in.” Yesterday, I received an interesting note and suggestion from Alexander Teut, a friend … Read more