The Journal: Writing Your Story Description

In today’s Journal * A Favor to Ask * Topic: Writing Your Story Description * Of Interest * The Numbers A Favor to Ask Apparently my posts from (author site) no longer go out, which means nobody on that large mailing list received my special promo announcement about the ebook giveaway. It will take me some time to figure out what happened and why and how to fix it. I’m also no longer on Facebook. So if you don’t mind, please share this link with your friends and on social media. It would be a big help. Thank you: … Read more

The Journal: Writing Sales Copy

In today’s Journal * An excellent example * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers If you’d like to see an excellent example for now NOT to write sales copy (your book description), take a look at what the publisher did to describe Steven Pressfield’s latest novel, 36 Righteous Men. I saw an ad for the novel in CrimeReads, and I clicked through. What the hey? It’s Steven Pressfield, right? So I might as well at least read the blurb. And I did. And I won’t buy the book. Rather than enticing me to buy the book (that’s the job … Read more